### Caballero Dojo, KSA The branch dojo in Saudi Arabia appears to be very active. Here are a variety of photographs of various events, seminars and training held by Jun Caballero Sensei. This first set of photographs is from the Kobudo Demonstration in Al-Khobar Mall, and on Nov. 27 our Kobudo Mini Tournament, participants coming from Al-Khobar and Dammam branch. [![Untitled2.jpg](file-guid-9c0e98cc-1ada-40de-99f2-025d61d3305e) ](http://ryukyu-kobudo.io/humhub/index.php?r=gallery%2Fcustom-gallery%2Fview&openGalleryId=12&sguid=59df3a2e-f508-4409-965f-7ee528f5331e) This next set of photographs are from the training in the new gym in Dallah, where they train on Sunday's and Wednesday's. [![Untitled3.jpg](file-guid-9dc65a65-d9f3-4147-a2c0-5ec9909534f7) ](http://ryukyu-kobudo.io/humhub/index.php?r=gallery%2Fcustom-gallery%2Fview&openGalleryId=12&sguid=59df3a2e-f508-4409-965f-7ee528f5331e)