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Mobility is the key. Mobility is the future. Now you can take the site with you. No hitches. No strings attached. Download the client below, install, enjoy.

Android Client

shimbukan.apk - version 1.0 - Release 2018.05.11

This version of the application has a completely new interface. The bottom bar is gone to allow multimedia to play correctly. Links have been moved to an menu on the left side. There is a new top menu that expands depending on the screen size for other mobile devices. Lots of code changes internally.


This client is an active development project. A best effort has been made to ensure that the client is bug free. Occasionally, however, things do slip through. If you happen to find a bug, don't panic! Please report it in the mobile development space, or send me an email and I'll do my best to fix it up.

Similarly, understand that a best effort has been made to ensure compatibility with your device. This includes testing the client on several different device types. Again, this process is not perfect, and things may slip through in spite of testing. If you use this client, you accept any consequence that might arise.